Size acess matters?

Hélia Saraiva 24.04.2018

Try to imagine the amazing crafts of Harry Potter, without any special effects, in a flavoury and smelling surrounding restaurant near Porto’s magical bookshop, where J. K Rowling was inspired for her own Flourish and Blotts bookstore in the Harry Potter series.
I suggest experiencing that by having a meal in Size, a restaurant that has one of the most scenic views in Porto near the world heritage area. It is located on the fourth floor of Armazéns Marques Soares, 59 Cândido dos Reis street and it has twin, wheelchair friendly, elevators, whose doors open like if an invisible fairy wand had commanded it, and take visitors diretly to the restaurant.


There you, dear starving traveller, will be marvelled by a wonderful view, delicious food and a very pleasant atmosphere. Staff members are helpful and efficient.
I think they should have a more “magical” handy soap dispenser and lower the paper towel dispenser.

A place to revisit because there you find a quality and a variety of “abracadabra pleasentries” that are difficult to find elsewhere. And many plates to eat and feel stimulating to explore Porto, a city that you “can’t skip”.



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